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Thoughts on Judge Kavanaugh

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If I were Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I would be wondering why I didn’t issue this statement and take this action when Mrs. Ford’s accusation first became public:

I absolutely deny the accusation that has been made public by Mrs. Ford about my behavior 36 years ago during my high school years. I never did such a thing with or to her or with or to anybody else.

However, I recognize that, in today’s toxic climate, I will always be assumed by a significant portion of the population to be guilty unless proven innocent. And there is obviously no way to prove innocence, or guilt, of such a vague accusation devoid of specific time and place and with no witnesses or record or evidence.

It is a shame that we have arrived at this point, but it is perhaps a reasonable reaction to opposite positions taken in past decades about such cases, doubt often being the standard, unjustified, reaction to young women making such accusations. The pendulum swings both ways. Hopefully we can soon reach a middle ground and justice will reign.

It is not important that I be a Supreme Court Justice. I have worked and studied and prepared to assume that responsibility if the opportunity were to arise, but I am only one of many who have done so and are well qualified. The President deserves quick approval of a qualified candidate, and neither he nor I nor, I hope, Mrs. Ford is interested in several weeks of arguments, political positioning, and character assassination followed by a close vote that will certainly make a third of the population very happy and a third very unhappy.

I am quite satisfied in my current judgeship and am willing and happy to continue to serve there just as I was willing and happy to serve on the nation’s highest court if that were approved. So, I hereby withdraw my name as a candidate and look forward to returning home to my wonderful family and to my very challenging job. May the president quickly put forth another candidate and may he or she be quickly approved and go to work in his or her new job in October 2018.

Thank you very much,

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Well, its too late for that now. Whatever happens, there will be a lot of unhappiness and a big celebration, and the war between left and right will continue. And Judge Kavanaugh will continue to serve well.


  1. Bill Barnes
    Bill Barnes

    Sorry, but could not disagree more. An anxious to hear her evidence before I make my decision. To think he should withdraw his nomination would be irresponsible on his part and placate a resistance movement that will do anything, say anything, and take hostage our judicial nomination process.

    September 23, 2018
  2. Dave Cornell
    Dave Cornell

    I am neutral on Judge K. I do not like the precedent that an accusation equals guilt and the accused must prove the negative – a logic impossibility. This is political theater and the Prof. will not suffer for her accusation. She will probably make money on it and certainly fame. If Judge K were to cave, assuming he is as innocent as those who know him say he is, that sets a precedent that will not serve the country.

    September 23, 2018

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