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Why So Quiet?

Posted in Politics

I see there are very few new posts on this blog since the November election of Donald Trump. And this in spite of the fact that I was never a supporter of and am an extremely skeptical observer of Mr. Trump, with little confidence in his ability to do more than continue to widen the partisan divide that is destroying our nation. I also doubt he is a good role model for citizenship in anything other than making deals and money.

Eight years ago I was posting with great regularity, usually expressing viewpoints divergent from those of President Obama. I had been hopeful that he would close some of the national division, especially that due to race, but quickly became skeptical (as is my nature) and found more and more on which to comment. Let me hasten to say that I have great respect and admiration for President Obama as a principled individual and loving family man. I just dislike some of his principles and the direction in which he wanted to lead the USA.

So, what is the difference? Why did I feel so compelled to write then and not now? I think it may because the media were so heavily supportive, even worshipful, of President Obama and are so powerfully organized in opposition to President Trump. When almost nobody was criticizing, there seemed to be a great need to do so. When NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and even some Fox commentators are speaking so frantically, and sometimes irrationally, against the president, why should I try to compete with all those professional pundits with my two cents worth?

It almost makes me want to start defending President Trump.


  1. Fred Williams
    Fred Williams


    I type as I watch South Carolina basketball on it’s epic pursuit of college supremacy.
    I agree 100% with your assessment of the the Obama adminstration’s divergent policies that only helped widen the division in our country. It started with Professor Gates and converged with Travon Martin, just to name a few.
    We witness untruths throughout his two terms that were unparalleled. And yet to my chagrine he was supported by the liberal press.
    Now however, President Trump is in charge and time will only tell which of these two President,s will rein as the supreme narcissist.
    So put on your boxing gloves and have at it.
    I await your future blogs.

    March 26, 2017
  2. To. A. Smith
    To. A. Smith

    Trump is at least trying to do what he said he’didn’t do in the campaign. I find that very refreshing.

    March 26, 2017
  3. Spencer D Snook
    Spencer D Snook

    Re your last sentence………………surely,you jest?!!!!

    March 26, 2017
  4. I was getting ready to send you an email asking why you hadn’t been posting lately; I thought you may have unfriended me because of my vociferous opposition to the President.

    For me it’s not really political or liberal vice conservative policy. It comes down to my deep disappointment that we have elected a person who has such a distorted moral compass or lack thereof. I cannot support anyone, of any political persuasion, who finds prisoners of war as losers, who thinks making fun of and aping the handicapped is OK; who outright speaks provable untruths, and can’t walk them back; and someone who is so ignorant about what it takes to govern this great country.

    March 27, 2017

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